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December 2018 to October 2019
Victoria Point JettyVictoria Point JettyFishing at Victoria Point JettyVictoria Point JettyGraeme, Mia, Jack and Tash at SeaworldStingrays, Seaworld, Gold CoastStingrays, Seaworld, Gold CoastMia and Jack watching stingrays at SeaworldDrew, Sam and others on Seaworld roller-coasterChristine and Geo watching Sam and Drew on the roller-coasterMia and Geo on ride, SeaworldTash and Jack on ride, SeaworldMia and Geo on ride, SeaworldHigh merry-go-round, SeaworldHigh merry-go-round, SeaworldGraeme and Mia on a small roller-coaster, SeaworldBev watching the fish, SeaworldBev watching the fish, SeaworldTash, Graeme and Mia, SeaworldBev, Geo, Drew and Sam, Seaworld

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