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NSW Camping Trip Day 18

March 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

5 March 2016

A clear, much colder morning greeted us when we woke, with the swamp covered by mist.

Polblue Creek in early morning mist

Mist over Polblue Swamp

After an early breakfast we left for our next stop of Hat Head. We would have liked a cabin, but being Saturday we weren't hopeful and, sure enough ended up with a powered site. We couldn't book as we had been out of phone coverage.

Lots of people here but still plenty of room. The beach and creek are nice.

Creek at Hat Head

Creek at Hat Head

So here we are, crammed in with hundreds of other campers. While I prefer the quiet of the National Parks, it is nice to have clean toilets, hot showers and drinkable water on tap.

NSW Camping Trip Day 16 and 17

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3 March 2016

Packed up quickly and had a quick dip in the river to cool off after the effort,  then drove to the Polblue campground on the Northern side of the same national park. This is above 1400 metres and located next to the Polblue swamp.

Camp at Polblue Swamp, Barrington Tops NTional Park

It has open grassy areas with lots of trees and signs saying 'Branches may drop'. I picked a shaded spot with no branches directly overhead. We arrived rather late so only had a quick look around the campground before dinner and bed. There was a bit of mist or smoke around, lit by the sun shining through the trees.

At Gloucester River we had the air force flying over periodically, here we have dump trucks driving up and down the road, presumably delivering gravel for the roadworks.

Afternoon Light, Polblue CampgroundAfternoon Light, Polblue CampgroundBarrington Tops National Park

4 March 2016

The swamp circuit walk is about three km but Bev wasn't feeling up to it, so I left her at the tent and went alone. An attractive walk but there were area of grass that had been dug up, by pigs I would guess.

Polblue Creek flowing out of the swamp

When I returned we drove to a lookout, then to Polblue Falls.

Polblue Falls

During the afternoon I went chasing smaller things.

Wildflowers, Polblue Swamp walk





NSW Camping Trip Day 15

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2 March 2016

Early in the morning we drove the 18km or so to Gloucester Tops to do a couple of short walks. The Gloucester Falls walk was a little disappointing as you don't  get a good view of the falls. The River walk was pleasant and we saw this on the track.

Snake, River Walk, Gloucester Tops

It looked alive but didn't move when I stamped my foot or threw sticks at it, so we carefully walked around it off the track.

The fairy wrens were back for afternoon tea.

Fairy Wren visiting for afternoon tea

A bit of extra effort for dinner and we enjoyed some excellent steak.

Dinner at Gloucester River

We had the campground to ourselves for the night.